Is your life full or empty?

Many of you may have seen the fact-based film Chariots of Fire. It tells the story of how Harrold Abraham and Eric Liddell tried to win gold medals at the 1924 Olympics in France, which they both did.

The difference between Abrahams and Liddell is clear: Abrahams did everything for himself, he didn’t care much about God but was more concerned about his own achievement. But in contrast to Harold Abraham, Eric Liddell cared very much about the things of God and did everything for the glory of God. At one time, even though everyone knew he would win the 100-meter race at the Olympics, Liddell turned down this great opportunity to win a gold medal and refused to participate in his best and most favorite race simply because it was scheduled on a Sunday which he believed was the Lord’s day and he did not want to miss going to church. He was willing to lose anything, even a gold medal, in order to glorify God. Eric Liddell lived his life for Christ, doing everything and being willing to lose all for the glory of God, and he felt fulfillment in his life.

This is in stark contrast to the frustration and lack of fulfillment in life voiced later in the film by Eric Liddell’s colleague and gold award winning competitor, Harold Abrahams, who didn’t care much about God but was more concerned with his own achievement. While his trainer massaged him, Harrold Abraham lamented to his closest friend,

I’m twenty-four years old and I don’t even know what I am chasing.

Do you have time for Christ, like Eric Liddell, and do you seek to glorify Christ in everything you do? Or are you, like Harrold Abraham, only obsessed with chasing after your personal dreams and ambitions, with no time to read your Bible, no time for the things of God, and no interest or aim of seeking to glorify Christ in everything you do? You may attain your aspirations and goals, but such an endeavor will eventually lead to a hollow, unfulfilled, and empty life — just as it did for Harold Abrahams.

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ByJustus Musinguzi

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